Sheet music of my own compositions

Over the years, I've written many tunes of one sort or another, and in response to requests from the public, I'm gradually typesetting some of them into sheet music form. This is a long job, as I don't have special software to do this, and so I have to move every note and symbol into the right position with the mouse! However, it's coming on, and I currently have three tunes done, and I'm working on the fourth. These may be ordered from my home address.

Price £2.75 each, inc p&p.


Lonely Beach

A gentle bossa nova, in Am/G. Difficulty level = Medium.

Recorded: TRack 11, "Lonely Beach" CD.


The Last Arrow

Another gentle Bossa Nova, in F. Not difficult at all.

Recorded: track 14, "Lonely Beach" CD.


Forest Boy

Bolero, in 12/8 rhythm. More difficult than either of the other two pieces.

Recorded: Track 15, "Best of Eddie Ruhier" CD