Eddie Ruhier

27 Thornfield Road,Huddersfield HD4 5HQ     Tel: 01484 311919



Hello! Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy having a look around.


I'm retiring. I've had a long, and very enjoyable career - playing in ice rinks, doing summer seasons,

travelling the world playing on cruise ships, giving concerts all over the country and abroad -

but now it's time to push in the drawbars and have a rest. I'll never be able to stop making music, but

from now on it'll just be for my own pleasure. Thank you all for the wonderful times.


As my CDs are no longer available, I've put an archive of my tracks on You Tube. You can find just about all of them there!


Very best wishes to you all.


- Eddie.



Pull a drawbar out and then click to get around.